TCU Monnig Meteorite Gallery



When is the Gallery open?

The Gallery is open Monday to Friday from 1pm – 4pm and Saturdays 9am – 4pm. We are closed on University holidays. For more details see Visitor Information.

Can I bring my class group to the Gallery?

We are happy to have school groups tour the gallery. For groups larger than ten, we ask that you schedule a guided tour with the Gallery Assistant, Ms. Batiste. Nona Batiste contact info. For more details see Outreach.

Can someone from the Monnig Meteorite Collection come to my classroom/educational group and give a talk?

Our Gallery Assistant, Ms. Nona Batiste has engaged in many outreach events with students in their classrooms and schools. If you would like to further enquire about having the gallery visit your school, please contact Ms. Batiste. Nona Batiste contact info.

The Curator, Dr. Mayne, is also available to give talks about meteorites, meteorite research, and the Monnig Collection to local educational groups. Dr. Mayne contact info.

How can I tell if I have a meteorite?

Identification of a sample can be tricky, and positive identification can only be verified by an expert, but for some basic tips on how to identify meteorites, please reference our I think I found a meteorite page.

Who do I contact if I think I have a meteorite?

If you have rigorously tested your sample against the standards described in your I think I found a meteorite page, and still believe that you have found a meteorite, then you can come to one of our monthly meteorite identification afternoons. To make an appointment, please use this form.